Plans, aspirations and goals

April 17, 2021

Bismillāh al-raḥmān al-raḥīm

This should just be a brief outline of some of my plans for this website.

My plans

  • Implement my own design. (as of writing this, I’m just using one of the default starters)

    • Add a portfolio and other non-blog related pages.
  • Become an active blogger.

Yeah… I know, it’s not much but it really is just that simple.

Now, in terms of what my plans are for the content of my blog posts; I have a few things in mind, even some blog post series (is the plural of series still series?). Anyways, so the primary fields I’ll be posting about will be Islām and programming but I might also end up posting about history, science and other topics my wild mind dreams of.

My first posts will likely conclude of journals of my various readings (books, etc.), tutorials/guides on things relating to programming/software, and basic topics on Islām; I’m also considering comparative religion but we’ll see.

Edit (3rd July): I will strikethrough the items in the list as they are completed, in shā allāh.

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